What is Any Messages?

  • It's an online replacement for the old carbon copy telephone message pad.
  • Any Messages is designed to be super easy and quick to use - try it!
  • There is no other system like this on the planet. It saves you time, ink, and it only takes 2 ticks.
  • It's Free - basic accounts are free!

More Information

The idea of Any Messages was born from inside a small office. The boss would be on the phone whilst one of us would take a call and it would be for him. So we'd grab a piece of paper, eventually find a pen, and jot
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the persons details down. Then having to give the paper to the boss, tell him what it was about, and then leave him to deal with it. But with Any Messages, we can quickly fill out a form, and immediately notify our boss or any other colleage.

And even if he or she is out of the office, they are still able to get the notification with SMS or by email straight to Blackberry.

Why Use It?

Any Messages is a geniune tool which saves you a lot of time, and it will save you money too!

However small or large your business is, how ever many staff you have, Any Messages is perfect for getting phone call messages accross.

All you need is 1 account, and all your staff can use it. It is extremely effective, efficiant and simple to use.

Now that we're all going digital, why not give the most used task some new footwear?

Plenty Of Packages

We have put together plenty of business packages for you to choose from. Whether your a small or large entity, we will definately have a package for you.

If there is a package that doesn't suit you, too small or if there's a missing feature, contact us today and we will be happy to assist.

We will also reward anyone who comes up with a new feature they would like to see on Any Messages.

Contact us for more information.

Loyal Testimonials

I first heard of AnyMessages from BNI in the UK, and I must say I am extremely happy with what it can do. Everything from taking my messages, letting my staff know by email and text message, the whole 9 yards, superb!

- Adam Roberts

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